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PPLS PERFUME is a genderfluid super small, slow batch perfume edition crafted with love in the studio by artist Gabi Dao. These perfumes are made both with natural and synthetic ingredients, and are available as parfums, the highest, safe concentration of perfume. PPLS PERFUME wears gently and intimately, is focused on narrative and memory, and is inspired by films, literature, visual art, music and patchwork moments from the everyday. They are available in 5mL, 10mL or 30mL.

Full menu + special collaborative edition:

~ Jacket

You wear your favourite jacket—a dirt infused campfire smoke burning liquorice in the flame. Jacket knows how to sit against all the soft creases and surfaces of your body— how to keep you warm, how to hold you. This sweet, spiced scent is inspired by the moment you put on your jacket after sitting around the fire with your dearests. Moments of anise and cardamom are worn over time, soft pear and a memory of ambrette, a vegetal musk diffuses underneath. A welcoming scent for the dreary seasons where tagetes (a cousin of marigold) sits on top to remind us of the coming sun.

~ Compostxcore

Wet and powdery violets licked by sweet, orangey tobacco meet fennel and dry, velvety woods after a fresh, autumnal rain. This combination of key notes have brought Compstxcore admirers to describe this perfume as pulling a fresh, garden grown beet straight from out of the earth. Breath in through your nose and exhale through your mouth the deep layers of fuschia and mineral rich muds. Although grounded in the heartiness, strength and resilience of root vegetables, don’t underestimate the sultry and sensual personality that cedar and cream petals bring to this PPLS PERFUME favourite.

~ Soulseeker’s Trip

If Compostxcore has you intrigued, take a deeper breath with this matsutake and absinthe forward parfum. Together in Soulseeker’s Trip, their earthy camphor conjures polyphonic sensations in the olfactory imaginary. Mycological, lucid and herbaceous day-dreaming will bring you from the forest into the sky with the heavenly pairing of ginger and turmeric, tempered by bitter orange and grapefruit. These citruses impart their shimmer upon your olfactory imaginary which left this reality and came back refreshed, fortified, rebalanced, but most of all, curious.

~ The Sun

The Sun! The original, primordial cinema! Films share light in common with plants, both requiring light from the sun to grow and cultivate images— of quiet scenographies, hazy memoirs and haptic narratives. The Sun is an arc of olfactory pictures that traces the lifetime of a tomato, from seed to fruit. It imagines the summer light heating up the soil, sprouting a small seed, nourishing young fuzzy saplings that grow into juicy tomatoes of all shapes, sizes and colours of the rainbow. Patchouli and labdanum light leaks softly against sharp pine and lemon stems and leaves. It trickles with black pepper and rosemary. Orange, red, green, purple and black, juicy, gleeful, sweaty and soulful, tomato flesh flirts with berries and carrot seed.

~ Saturn Returns

An astrological coming of age scent, Saturn Returns is said to happen approximately every 29.5 years when entering a new cycle of astrological adulthood. Evaluate, challenge and transform with the sensation of falling planets, the smell of saturn’s rings. Really, this is an ode to vetiver, a fragrant grass with its vast roots distilled for essential oil. Vetiver, also a known chameleon in perfumery, is ever-changing in form (leathery and smokey at first, then rooty, citrussy and more….You then meet basil, palmarosa and a touch of honey swirling coriander. Saturn Returns is a great teacher for anyone coming of age (at any time really!). Come as you are, witness the burning char of falling asteroids— celestial, ambery and sticky.

& *Special Edition*: Fowelley’s Scent (PPL’S PERFUME X LOU LOU SAINSBURY)

Fowelley’s Scent is a gender-bending perfume based on the hormonal changing scents of a transing more-than-human saint that leaks their past selves.

You are stung by black and pink peppercorn, gentle but assertive, an under-the-skin presence. The soft halo of a saint emanates the headiness of ylang ylang, with a wreath of sweet marjoram, fresh and undoubtedly green, but not without beads of sweat and salted ocean air. A turn of events brings smokey and greasy oakmoss with leather to complicate this tableaux, where lactonic whispers ooze over dewy skin and seep animalic musk. In this conjuring, a small cluster of mushroom spores amongst petals ask:

“Fowelley are you leaking?”

Fowelley’s Scent is a cloud that bites. Just delicious.

Based on the film descending notes in Lou Lou Sainsbury: Earth is a Deadname, commissioned by Gasworks, UK.

Designed by Vicky Lum.

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