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Christian Vistan: Dugong in Captivity

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Dugong in Captivity, 2021

by Christian Vistan

Plate lithography print

Edition of 25

15 x 18”

Printed by Jordan Utting

Dugong in Captivity stems from Vistan’s interest in llaneras, metal molds for leche flan, made from recycled printing plates. Texts and images from the plates’ previous life line these dessert tins. For this edition, Vistan designed an aluminum plate lithograph with the making of a llanera in mind–a forthcoming second part of this project. At once a lithograph, a poem and a llanera template, Dugong in Captivity draws paths between foundational images and memories from Vistan’s life and practice: from a scene of a singing sea cow from a Filipino television program to the process of printmaking itself.

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