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Arvo Leo, No Pipeline (if you don’t want to learn our language then we will use yours), 2018, cyanotype, approx 260 x 200cm

installation views


Derya Akay

Maya Beaudry

Francesca Blomfield

Colleen Brown

Sarah Davidson

Peter Fischli David Weiss

Lucien Durey

Sharona Franklin 

Ezra Gray

Julian Hou & L'escalier

Tiziana La Melia

Arvo Leo

Emily Neufeld

Ebony Rose

Alex Tedlie-Stursberg

Tristan Unrau

among others

26 January - 17 March 2019

opening reception: 25 January 6 - 9pm

artist talk: Sharona Franklin, Saturday 16 March 3pm

closing reception: Saturday 16 March 4pm

Unit 17 is thrilled to announce the group exhibition SUPER, NATURAL, a significant presentation of over sixteen Canadian and international artists, writers and publishers to begin our 2019 program. The exhibition focuses on new and recent painting, sculpture, photography, prints as well as publications. SUPER, NATURAL launches a publishing arm of the gallery, with a physical and online reading room of artist/reference books, magazines & editions. Unit 17 books & editions supports the creation and dissemination of printed matter by represented and supported artists.


SUPER, NATURAL has grown out of the gallery’s overall program, and its relationship to topics of ecology, transformation and entropy. This is an exhibition made up of our immediate surroundings and looks to human potential, our environment, its politics and poetics. Its title plays off of an omnipresent dogma of British Columbia - consumed in the most pedestrian of ways - working through this dense myriad of collaborators for this exhibition. It also reflects a more local art history, echoing ideas of multiplicity through social, cultural and economic means; the abstract, the real and the spiritual. SUPER, NATURAL is a not an exhibition in isolation but one that is bound to community.


This exhibition expands the reach of the gallery – physically, emotionally and socially. Proceeds from SUPER, NATURAL will change our infrastructure, in an effort to create a more neutral organization. This is to be completed through a three-prong system: larger focus on food production, rain water storage and solar power. Other proceeds made from sales of this exhibition and continued sales from Unit 17 books & editions will go to the Unist’ot’en Camp and other organizations fighting to protect Indigenous sovereignty and environmental justice.


The gallery’s garden will feature two rotating outdoor installations on view until Spring 2019 by Emily Neufeld and Colleen Brown. 

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