Christian Vistan

Christian Vistan is an artist originally from the peninsula now known as Bataan, Philippines. He lives and works on Squamish, Tsleil-Waututh, Musqueam and Tsawwassen territories. His work and projects have been presented at Artspeak, 221a, and Fault Line Projects in Canada; mild climate and Atlanta Contemporary in the United States; and Kamias Triennial and Green Papaya in the Philippines. He has curated and contributed to exhibitions as Curatorial Assistant at Centre A in Vancouver and Nanaimo Art Gallery in Vancouver Island. Recently, he and Aubin Kwon started dreams comma delta, a space for artist projects &exhibitions located in Vistan's family home in Delta, BC.


Unit 17 is thrilled to welcome Christian Vistan as a represented artist of the gallery

forthcoming co-curated exhibition, Vancouver Special: Disorientations and Echo, Vancouver Art Gallery, 22 May - 9 January 2021


Splinter awe !! (2021)

 Awash, 2020, tempera, chalk pastel, grey water (from painting) on manila paper, 122 x 91cm

Orchid, 2021, tempera, graphite, charcoal, watercolour, grey water (from painting) on manila paper, 122 x 91cm

 Laundry, 2021, tempera, ink, watercolour, grey water (from painting) on manila paper, 91 x 119cm

 Nanaimo, 2019, charcoal, graphite, watercolour on cotton, 30.4 x 19cm

Watering, 2021, tempera, watercolour, wax, image transfer (Aubin Kwon) on cotton, 42 x 30cm

 A-drift, 2020, charcoal, tempera, ink on cotton, 19 x 30cm

 Lemon, 2020, charcoal, tempera on cotton, 30.4 x 19cm

Papag, installation view at Centre A, Vancouver International Centre of Contemporary Asian Art, Fall 2018

Pilipino Fainting Filipino Painting, 2016 paper, large format inkjet print graphite, charcoal on paper, watercolours, pastel watercolours, graphite

Pilipino Fainting Filipino Painting (detail)

Pilipino Fainting Filipino Painting, 2016, risograph print

Kamay, 2016, marker