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The Louvre

Ella Gonzales

Jinny Yu

4 - 26 March 2023

curated by Subtle Invitation

a project by Henry Heng Lu

curator tour & discussion: 18 March 2pm

Works by Ella Gonzales and Jinny Yu inquire into expansions of painting as a medium and a spatial vessel. Creating visual entry points for memory, sensibility, or a sense of belonging in the context of misplacement, the paintings (or, rather, non-paintings) build on a self-consciousness, developing an ambitious relationship with painterly qualities. The works also transmute into sculptural forms, bleeding into multidimensional representations.


The Louvre, presenting a range of works by both artists made between 2008-2022, reflects on physical, architectural spaces with elaborate intentions to re-articulate complex understandings of migration, self-awareness, and the way in which one situates oneself in space and culture. 

If the Louvre is a formal ideal or an extreme example of cultural capital, The Louvre we have here is something that questions one’s existence against the backdrop of what we perceive as established, and negotiates our already fragmented realities.

Henry Heng Lu

Ella Gonzales is a Filipina-Canadian artist working between painting and Computer-Aided Design programs, as led by her interest in space making. She has recently shown work with Christie Contemporary, Toronto; Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Lethbridge; AXENO7, Gatineau; Hunt Gallery, Toronto; Galerie Nicolas Robert, Toronto; the plumb, Toronto and Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre, Kingston. Gonzales holds a Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art from the University of Guelph.

Jinny Yu's work grows out of an inquiry into the medium of painting, as a means of trying to understand the world around us. Her project Don't They Ever Stop Migrating? was exhibited at the 56th Venice Biennale. Her work has been shown widely in Canada, Germany, Japan, Italy, Portugal, South Korea, UK and USA. Based in Ottawa and Berlin, she was an artist in residence at La Napoule Art Foundation in France, BoxoPROJECTS in Joshua Tree, KIAC in Dawson City, ISCP in New York, Seoul Museum of Art Nanji Studios, and at the Banff Centre for the Arts, among others. Yu, Professor of Painting at the University of Ottawa, was awarded the Mid-Career Artist Award by Ottawa Arts Council in 2013; Laura Ciruls Painting Award from Ontario Arts Foundation in 2012; and was a finalist for the Pulse Prize New York in 2011 and 2014. A forthcoming solo exhibition will take place at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto in 2024.

TheLouvre_Unit17_NKPhoto-5- .jpg

The Louvre installation view


The Louvre installation view


The Louvre installation view

Jinny Yu-Note.jpg

Jinny Yu, Notes, 2010, oil on aluminum, 61 x 48cm


Jinny Yu, Notes, 2010 (detail)

Jinny Yu-Note-2.jpg

Jinny Yu, Notes, 2010, oil on aluminum, 61 x 48cm


Jinny Yu, Notes, 2010 (detail)


The Louvre installation view


The Louvre installation view


The Louvre installation view


The Louvre installation view


The Louvre installation view


Ella Gonzales, Built better, lighter, 2022, acrylic on piña silk with hinges, 40.6 x 33cm


Ella Gonzales, Built better, lighter, 2022, acrylic on piña silk with hinges, 40.6 x 33cm


Ella Gonzales, Built better, lighter, 2022, acrylic on piña silk with hinges, 40.6 x 33cm


Ella Gonzales, Built better, lighter, 2022 (detail)


Jinny Yu, Non-Painting Painting, 2012, oil on aluminum, 48 x 48cm 


Jinny Yu, Non-Painting Painting, 2012, oil on aluminum, 76 x 61cm 


Ella Gonzales, Pockets of space, 2021, oil on unprimed linen, 30.3 x 25.4cm


Ella Gonzales, Pockets of space, 2021, oil on unprimed linen, 30.3 x 25.4cm

Jinny Yu-my friend.jpg

Jinny Yu, my friend would look like that, if I ever found another, 2017, oil on Mylar, 25 x 30cm 


Ella Gonzales, Green curtain2022, acrylic on piña silk with wooden support, 25.4 x 20.3cm


Ella Gonzales, Green curtain2022

Jinny Yu - Untitled 9 .jpg

Jinny Yu, Untitled #9, 2008, graphite on paper, 22.5 x 25cm 

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